The 2nd District ranked 7th of 8 NOPD Districts on HOMICIDE and CARJACKING. and 8th of 8 NOPD Districts on NONFATAL SHOOTING. 

In 2023, the 2nd District ranked 5th of 8 NOPD Districts on ARMED ROBBERY.

Homicide (-22% citywide) and Shooting (-23% citywide)

Carjacking (-47% citywide) and Armed Robbery (-33% citywide)

2023 2nd District Hotspots

(See below for visual locations)

South Claiborne & Leonidas (Harrell Park)

South Claiborne & Louisiana Ave.

East Carrollton near Tulane University

Homicide by District

Shooting by District

Carjacking by District

Armed Robbery by District