Double homicide in Treme and killing of a juvenile on Saturday night brings 2022 homicide total to 208*

Homicides are now up 44% compared with 2021

-Tied with armed robbery for largest increase since last year

We are continuing to see an 8% reduction in nonfatal shooting incidents compared with 2021


-However, fatal shootings (i.e., incidents classified as “HOMICIDE BY SHOOTING“) have increased 41% compared with last year


– Overall there has been a 4% increase in total (i.e., fatal + nonfatal shootings) since 2021

*Please note: our homicide total includes vehicular/hit & run fatalities, as well as those homicides later deemed justified or negligent 

Carjacking incidents slowed a bit last week 

-At 218 to date, we remain 203% higher than 2019 and 10% higher than last year


Armed robbery is tied with homicide for the largest increase since last year (+44%)

-We are beginning to see a smaller gap between 2020-2022 numbers of armed robberies


–Indicates that armed robberies were beginning to pick up again as lockdown restrictions began to lift in September of 2020