As of December 26, we have had 274 homicides in 2022, a 29% increase over the same time in 2021.


*NOTE: a homicide was reported on Tuesday morning (December 27) in the 300 block of Julia St. This brings us to 275 homicides in 2022, the highest we have seen since 1996.


Nonfatal shooting incidents are 2% lower compared with the same time in 2021, though we have seen an increased fatality rate in 2022. 

– 31% (214) of 2022 shooting incidents have resulted in a fatality, compared with 26% of 2021 shooting incidents

For the first time this year, carjacking incidents are 2% lower relative to 2021.

Armed robbery has skyrocketed beyond pre-pandemic levels.

— At 530 reported armed robberies to date, we are 38% higher than 2021, 28% higher than 2020, and 21% higher than 2019 (pre-COVID shutdown)

The shooting of six teenagers on Saturday night is at least the 10th mass shooting of 2022

–Per the National Gun Violence archives and FBI methodology, “mass shootings” are defined as any single incident in which four or more victims are injured or killed 

Source: Gun Violence Archive

A note about homicides

While we cross-check our numbers against coroner records, major offense logs, media reports, and any other source available, homicide numbers are subject to change as investigations progress.  Homicides may be reclassified as “undetermined” if the coroner cannot definitively state whether the injury was self-inflicted, accidental, or intentional.  More commonly, deaths initially listed as “unclassified” are reclassified as “homicide” after autopsy. 

         Source: FBI UCR Crime Data