Homicide and carjacking rates are slowing, while armed robbery is becoming increasingly problematic.

As of November 13th, we have had at least 237 homicides in 2022.

-An increase of 142% compared with 2019 – note that we were still under 100 homicides in 2019 YTD – and an increase of 36% since last year.


Nonfatal shooting incidents, at 415 to date, are nearly double the rate seen in 2019 (+96%), but are 3% lower compared with 2021. 

However, the combined fatal + nonfatal shooting incidents are up 6% in 2022 compared with 2021, with the main difference appearing in the rate of fatalities:


-In 2022, there have been 605 shooting incidents, 190 (31%) of which included a fatality.

-Last year, there had been 569 shooting incidents, 142 (25%) of which included a fatality.


*Please note: our homicide total includes vehicular/hit & run fatalities, as well as those homicides later deemed justified or negligent 

Armed robbery is the only major violent crime category to have shown a larger increase relative to 2021 than to 2019.


Armed robbery continues to increase at an alarming pace.

  • Another 14 reported robberies last week brings our 2022 total to 486 – a 36% increase compared with 2019 and a 50% increase compared with 2021. 


Carjacking has slowed a bit – only two new incidents reported as carjackings last week. 


We have certainly seen progress in recent months, but the sharp rise in armed robbery and increased fatality rate in shooting incidents must be addressed!