Five new homicides brings us to at least 243 for the year thus far –  

We have not seen this many homicides in one year since pre-Katrina.

Homicides have increased 145% since 2019 and 37% since 2021.

The last time we came anywhere close to this number was 2004 (notably, pre-Katrina), when the year ended at 264 homicides (Source).

Nonfatal shooting incidents remain 3% lower than the same time last year. 


However, 2022 has still seen a 6% higher rate of overall shooting incidents (fatal + nonfatal shootings) compared with 2021.


A higher rate (32%) of 2022 shooting incidents have resulted in a fatality than in 2021 (25% shooting fatality rate).



*Please note: our homicide total includes vehicular/hit & run fatalities, as well as those homicides later deemed justified or negligent 

Since last week, there have been 8 reported carjacking incidents and 8 reported armed robberies. 


During the same week in 2021, 16 carjacking incidents and 14 armed robberies were reported.


This indicates we are actually doing a bit better than we were last year at this time, despite the overall increase of 7% in carjacking and 46% increase in armed robbery incidents to date.