Overall, October is trending down in all categories of major violent crime 

We have reached at least 232 homicides in 2022 –

-144% higher than 2019, 36% higher than the same time last year.


 At 14 homicides so far this month, October is likely to have the lowest monthly homicide count of 2022 – a refreshing change of pace in what has been a violent year.

Nonfatal shooting incidents are 87% higher than 2019 but 5% lower than the same time in 2021.

Nonetheless, 33% of all shooting incidents (fatal + nonfatal) have resulted in a fatality in 2022 – a substantial increase compared with 26% shooting fatality rate in 2021 and 28% shooting fatality rate in 2019-2020.


*Please note: our homicide total includes vehicular/hit & run fatalities, as well as those homicides later deemed justified or negligent 

This number does NOT include individuals who died in 2022 from injuries sustained in pre-2022 incidents

Carjacking incidents, while still on an upward trend compared with prior years, have slowed a bit recently.  We are currently only 13% higher than the same time in 2021, but are 192% higher than in 2019.




Armed robbery continues to show the largest increase compared with past years – at 454 YTD, we remain well above pre-pandemic levels (+30% since 2019, +49% since 2020, +46% since 2021).