The 3rd District has the largest decline in armed robbery of any NOPD district compared with 2022, now ranked seventh of the eight districts.  

At this time in 2022, the 3rd District was tied with the 7th District for highest armed robbery rates in the city, each at 45 as of June 30, 2022. 

Thus, the -60% decline in 3rd District armed robbery contributed substantially to the citywide -16% decline. 

Citywide Trends:

Homicide -14%

Nonfatal Shooting -12%

Carjacking -43%

Armed Robbery -13%

2023 Third District Trends


HOMICIDE (+650% since 2019; +50% since 2020; +50% since 2021; +7% since 2022).
3rd District homicide is up 7% (from 14 as of June 30, 2022, to 15 as of June 30, 2023).  Although homicide is low in this district compared to the rest of the city, there have been several recent incidents in the Gentilly Terrace area near Franklin and I-610.
NONFATAL SHOOTING INCIDENTS (+100% since 2019; +33% since 2020; -41% since 2021; -36% since 2022).  
3rd  District nonfatal shooting incidents have fallen significantly since 2021 (-41%) and 2022 (-36%). The highest concentration of shooting incidents in this district is near the I-10/610 split.
The 36% reduction since 2022 is significantly above the citywide reduction of 12%.


2023 Third District Trends


CARJACKING (+260% since 2019; +38% since 2020; -44% since 2021; +13% since 2022)
Carjacking sharply increased in the 3rd District during 2021, but the remainder of Orleans Parish did not experience a carjacking spike until 2022. 
ARMED ROBBERY (-5% since 2019; -28% since 2020; +13% since 2021; 60% since 2022). 
In contrast, 3rd District armed robbery has declined 60%, more than any other district as of June 30, 2023.  Given that at the same time in 2022, the 3rd and 7th Districts were tied for most armed robbery incidents (45 apiece), the 3rd District robbery reduction has contributed substantially to the citywide (-16%) decline.


2023 Third District Hotspots

(Click below for visual locations)

Airline Highway near Edinburgh St.

Franklin Ave. along I-610 Corridor

Gentilly Woods between Chef Hwy and I-610

Homicide by District

Shooting by District

Carjacking by District

Armed Robbery by District