The 2nd District ranks among the lowest districts for nearly all major violent crime categories, with the notable exception of armed robbery. 

At the end of Q2 2023, the 2nd District ranked fourth of eight districts in armed robbery, the only major violent crime category to show increase in this district compared with the last four years (2019-2022).

Citywide Trends:

Homicide -14%

Nonfatal Shooting -12%

Carjacking -43%

Armed Robbery -13%

2023 Second District Trends


HOMICIDE (+250% since 2019; +40% since 2020; +40% since 2021; no change since 2022)
Despite the 250% increase since 2019, homicide in the 2nd District accounts for a very small (5%) percentage of overall homicides in the city.  
NONFATAL SHOOTING INCIDENTS (-55% since 2019; -62% since 2020; no change since 2021; -55% since 2022).
The 2nd District ranks eighth out of eight NOPD districts in shooting incidents with five shootings reported as of June 30, 2023. 

2023 Second District Trends


CARJACKING (+45% since 2019; -29% since 2020; -44% since 2021; -58% since 2022).
2nd District carjacking incidents declined substantially (-58%) since last year, a slightly higher rate of decline compared with the rest of the city (-43% citywide).  However, carjacking in the 2nd District does not account for a significant number of overall carjacking incidents (6% as of June 30, 2023).  Incidents are largely concentrated in the Hollygrove area between Earhart and Airline Highway. 
ARMED ROBBERY (+100% since 2019; +44% since 2020; +37% since 2021; +24% since 2022).  
Armed robbery is the only category of major violent crime in the 2nd District that increased across all four comparison years (2019-2022).   Many of these incidents occurred in the East Carrollton area near Tulane and Loyola Universities and in the Freret neighborhood between Jefferson and Napoleon Avenues. 


2023 Second District Hotspots

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South Claiborne and Leonidas/Carrollton Ave. (Harrell Park)

East Carrollton near Tulane University

South Claiborne and Louisiana Ave 

Homicide by District

Shooting by District

Carjacking by District

Armed Robbery by District