By the Numbers

Violent felony arrests make up half (50%) of all 2022 felony arrests

Property felonies make up nearly a quarter (24%) of felony arrests

Weapons felonies account for 14% of arrests

Of the closed felony cases in 2022, 43% have resulted in a felony conviction

Most (57%) of felony cases closed in 2022 are resolved through misdemeanor convictions (29%), dismissal (26%), or not-guilty verdicts (2%)

There has been a sharp increase in violent felony case screening, particularly in comparison to 2021, when the MCC documented over 1,500 felony cases that went unscreened past the Art. 701 timeline limits

The D.A. is beginning to catch up with the backlog of unscreened cases, though the 51% acceptance rate remains relatively low compared with past years.

Over 1,300 violent felony cases have been accepted in 2022 but most are closed as misdemeanors (30%) or dismissals (27%).