Despite its relatively small size and population, the Fifth District continues to rank among the top 3 districts in all categories of major violent crime: 

Homicide: Ranked first of eight districts
Nonfatal Shooting: Ranked second of eight districts
Carjacking and Armed Robbery: Ranked third of eight districts

Citywide Trends:

Homicide -14%

Nonfatal Shooting -12%

Carjacking -43%

Armed Robbery -13%

2023 Fifth District Trends


HOMICIDE (+300% since 2019; +88% since 2020; +14% since 2021; no change since 2022)
As of June 30, 2023, 5th District homicide was the highest of any NOPD district, with 32 YTD homicides.  While this is a 300% increase compared with 2019, there is no change in 5th District homicide compared with 2022.
Homicide hotspots in the 5th District are largely along St. Claude Avenue between Poland Ave. and St. Bernard Ave.
NONFATAL SHOOTING INCIDENTS (+39 since 2019; +24% since 2020; -23% since 2021; -4% since 2022).  
Fifth District nonfatal shooting incidents peaked at 60 in Q2 of 2021 and have shown small to modest reductions.  
5th District shooting hotspots include Franklin Ave from St. Claude to Florida Ave. and the Seventh Ward between St. Bernard Ave. and Elysian Fields.


2023 Fifth District Trends


CARJACKING (+140% since 2019; +71% since 2020; -40% since 2021; -54% since 2022)
Fifth District carjacking has followed a similar trend as other districts, sharply increasing in 2022 and showing substantial decline in 2023 (-54% since the same time last year).   Most 5th District carjacking incidents in 2023 occurred along St. Bernard (bordering the 1st District) and between Elysian Fields and St. Claude in the Bywater/Marigny area.
ARMED ROBBERY (-31% since 2019; +13% since 2020; -13% since 2021; -31% since 2022).  
5th District armed robbery has declined 31% since the same time in 2022, a substantially larger decline than the citywide -16% drop in armed robberies.  
In 2023, most 5th District armed robberies occurred near the edge of the Marigny from Elysian Fields to St. Claude Ave.


2023 Fifth District Hotspots

(Click below for visual locations)

St. Roch/Florida area, between Almonaster and Franklin Ave. 

St. Roch Ave. near St. Claude and Burgundy 

Bywater along St. Claude between Franklin Ave. and Industrial Canal

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Shooting by District

Carjacking by District

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