While the Seventh District continues to account for a substantial portion of Orleans Parish violent crime, the 41% decline in 7th District homicide contributed more to the citywide 14% decline than any other NOPD district.  

Citywide Trends:

Homicide -14%

Nonfatal Shooting -12%

Carjacking -43%

Armed Robbery -13%

2023 Seventh District Trends


HOMICIDE (+58% since 2019; +76% since 2020; +11% since 2021; -41% since 2022).
Seventh District homicide increased to 51 as of June 30, 2022, representing 33% of all Orleans homicides at the time.  Following a 41% decline since 2022, the 7th District was ranked second of eight districts on homicide at the end of Q2 2023.
Homicides hotspots in the 7th District include the apartment complexes on Martin Drive (Seabrook area),  the apartment complexes near I-10 Service Road and Crowder, and in West Lake Forest along Bundy Road.
NONFATAL SHOOTING INCIDENTS (+52% since 2019; +43% since 2020; -11% since 2021; -7% since 2022).  
Nonfatal shooting incidents in the 7th District increased in 2021 and have remained high through Q2 of 2023.  The 7th District ranked first of eight districts in nonfatal shootings in 2023, accounting for nearly one-third (32%) of Orleans nonfatal shooting incidents.
7th District nonfatal shooting incidents are common along Chef Hwy in the Pines Village and at I-10 Service Road and Crowder.  Several incidents are also noted near the Lincoln Beach area on the north end of the 7th District, near Michoud.

2023 Seventh District Trends


CARJACKING (+11% since 2019; -31% since 2020; -65% since 2021; -57% since 2022).
Seventh District carjacking peaked at 57 in 2021, accounting for nearly 40% of all Orleans carjacking incidents.  By June 30, 2023, carjacking in the 7th District dropped 65%, now accounting for 23% of carjacking incidents.  
In 2023, 7th District carjacking incidents show higher concentrations in the Pines Village neighborhood, particularly along Chef Hwy, and near the I-10 Service Road at Bundy in West Lake Forest.
ARMED ROBBERY (+19% since 2019; +70% since 2020; +19% since 2021; +40% since 2022).  
In contrast to the citywide reduction of -16% in armed robbery since 2022, the 7th District has increased 40% in armed robbery, from 45 as of June 30, 2022 to 63 as of June 30, 2023.  The 7th District currently ranks first of eight districts in armed robbery, accounting for 28% of Orleans armed robbery incidents. 
In 2023, 7th District armed robbery is largely scattered throughout the district, though specific hotspots are noted at I-10 Service Road and Bullard, as well as along the I-10 service road between Bundy Road and Mayo Road in West Lake Forest.

2023 Seventh District Hotspots

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I-10 Service Road at Crowder 

Pines Village near Chef Hwy and Downman

Lincoln Beach along Hayne Blvd.

I-10 Service Road at Bullard

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